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Anima de Cato, “ANIMA” for short, translated means Spirit of Cat which is Anima’s guiding principle. Anima aims to care and understand the very essence and personality of cats in all their various shapes, sizes and, of course, breeds.

We also cater for small mammals and large caged birds – e.g. African Greys, etc.

Anima was established and registered in 2000 and has been of service to the cat population that reside in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg for 18 years and is owner occupied. Our long-serving and dedicated staff also dwell on the property.

We are situated in the beautiful Estate of Beaulieu, Midrand. which is easily accessible off Main Road.

Pauline, the owner of Anima has vast knowledge and experience, having worked with animals most of adult her life and is passionate about all aspects of animal welfare. Cats are her speciality.

Many clients travel long distances to use Anima's services.

Anima Cattery is divided into various sections and offers spacious, well-appointed accommodation for cats of all shapes, sizes and ages. Each unit is individually furnished and the majority also have a small grassed area for your cat to enjoy. We offer a number of spacious units that cater specifically for clientele that own 3 cats or more thus ensuring the family can all stay together comfortably. The catteries are sub-divided into small garden areas where the more energetic tabby can take a stroll, play, sharpen claws, chase imaginary butterflies or take a catnap under our beautiful African skies.


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